260+ Poco X2 4k Punch Hole Wallpapers You’ve Never Seen Before

Poco X2 4k Punch hole wallpapers are one of a kind because they aren’t like any wallpaper out there.

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The advent of the Punch hole notch

The advent of the “Punch hole” notch has brought about a lot of adjustment, one of which is how their wallpapers are made. And it’s not a “notch” per say. It’s just a way to still feature a selfie camera – without having to use a notch.

Now that I think of it, Samsung is actually one of the few phone manufacturers in the world that can boldly claim to have never used a notch on any of their phones before and I’m a diehard Samsung fan.

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iPhones on the other hand with the release of their iPhone 12 line up in 2020 have shown continued stubbornness to adapt to the times but that’s understandable. They’re Apple.

However, all you notch-lovers should better get with the times cause the punch hole is here to stay!

A bit about the Xiaomi Poco X2

Released in February of 2020, the Xiaomi Poco X2 is indeed a heavy one, weighing as much as 208 grams. It spots a gigantic 6.67 inch 1080 x 2400 pixels FHD display complete with Gorilla Glass in front and behind.

It also comes equipped with a mid-level 730G Snapdragon chip with 6GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB onboard storage to host all your media files without breaking a sweat.

Just with the above mentions, it’s easy to see that this phone does punch high in its weight class when you compare mid-range smartphones in the market today.

Poco X2 4k Punch hole wallpapers

Let’s just say if you simply go and download any beautiful 4k wallpaper just because you can, you’ll notice that your hole punch cut out will be too conspicuous and you’re not going to like it anymore.

So the creators of the Poco X2 as well as independent creatives around the world have made 4k wallpapers in which the subject of the wallpaper perfectly blends with the location of the punch hole cut out…and it’s freaking awesome!

We dug through Pinterest and a couple other sources to be able to bring you the best Poco X2 4k Punch hole wallpapers we’re sure you’ve never seen before. Enjoy!

#1. Daft Punk

Poco X2 4k Punch hole wallpapers

#2. Pubg


Poco X2 4k Punch hole wallpapers

#3. Guardians of the Galaxy

Poco X2 4k Punch hole wallpapers

#4. Superman heat vision

#5. Daft Punk

#6. Formula One

#7. iPhone X camera

Poco X2 4k Punch hole wallpapers

#8. Despicable Me

#9. Xiaomi Note 9 Pro camera

#10. Mr. Incredible

#11. Shrek’s big mouth

Poco X2 4k Punch Hole Wallpapers

#12. Star Warz Darth Vader

Poco X2 4k Punch Hole Wallpapers

#13. Demon Wolf pack

#14. Fat man holding Binoculars

#15. Radio tower on top a hill

#16. Bender Robot

#17. BMW headlamps

Poco X2 4k Punch Hole Wallpapers

#18. Girl on a swing

#19. Wonder Woman

Poco X2 4k Punch Hole Wallpapers

#20. Mountain climber

#21. Bendy the Robot

Poco X2 4k Punch Hole Wallpapers

#22. White Robot

#23. Robocop

#24. Terminator

Poco X2 4k Punch Hole Wallpapers

#25. Minions 

#26. The Incredibles

Conclusion about the Poco X2 4k Punch hole wallpapers

These 4k wallpapers can basically be used on any smartphone with a dual hole punch camera cutout like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus among others.

Which one did you like the most? I particularly loved the Superman wallpaper. How about you? Let me know in the comments below.

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