Samsung Galaxy A71 Not Charging [SOLVED]

Is your Samsung galaxy A71 not charging? Try these solutions and we guarantee they will work!

In this blog post I will guide you on how to fix the not charging of a Samsung galaxy A71, I will be outlining step by step procedures on how to ensure your android charges, this you can do at the comfort of your home.

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Reasons Samsung Galaxy A71 is not charging

The defective charge of the phone can be caused by several reasons this include:

  1. A faulty cable or charger
  2. A defective socket or adapter
  3. A software update is required
  4. Phone charging at a high temperature.
  5. Dirt or debris in the charging port
  6. Third party apps interrupting the charging process

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What to do if your Samsung Galaxy A71 is not charging

Samsung Galaxy A71 not charging


#1. Check your charger

Ensure that you are using the appropriate or official charger to charge the phone, be it the charger head or the charger cord. Most chargers look alike but ensure you’re using the right, because they each carry different voltage. If you’re using an appropriate charger, check if there are any damage to the cable or plug, if there is then avoid or stop using it.

#2. Clean the charging port

One of the reasons your Samsung A71 is not charging might be because of the dirt and debris in the charging port. To clean your android follow this steps carefully:

  1. Turn your device off to ensure proper cleaning of the device.
  2. Shine a torch into the charging port, then look inside if you see dirt and debris inside especially covering the metal charging contacts that means it requires cleaning.
  3. Try gently blowing into the charging port, Ensure not to put or insert any objects to clean the charging port.

#3. Reboot your device

If your battery percentage is not exhausted try a soft reboot, this will allow the device to reset its temporary memory and will help you know if the problem is software related to reboot press and hold the power and a volume down keys until the device starts.

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#4. Check for water and moisture

Another reason your Samsung A71 will not charge is if it detects water or moisture in the USB port. This is a security measure to protect the device from damage and corrosion. If your Samsung has detected water in the charging port, it can sometimes display a waterdrop icon on the screen above the charging port. If you see this icon, make sure that your smartphone is switched off while it dries.

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Most moisture will evaporate by itself within a few hours, or you can gently blow air on the charging port. If the icon still remains after this and your device still has power, clear the cache for USB following this steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap apps
  3. Tap the filter icons
  4. Tap the switch to show system apps then press okay.
  5. Scroll down then tap USB settings
  6. Tap on Storage
  7. Tap on Clear data or Clear Cache

Once you have done this try charging your phone again to check if you’ve solved this issue.

#5. Update your software

From time to time software updates are released by androids even Samsung and can solve some device software problems. If your phone still has power then follow these steps to update your software :

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap software update
  3. Tap download and install
  4. Your device will check for available updates. If there is an update for your device you will be asked to download and install it.

#6. Check for damage

Physical damage such as cracked screen may affect the performance of your device so check your screen or device thoroughly to be on the safe side.

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Why is my Samsung Galaxy A71 charging slowly

When the smartphone is connected to an electrical socket, the system will often charge very slowly. The charge indicator may appear on the screen, but the charge rate does not increase or does so for a very long time.

To prevent your android from having all this problems:

  1. Only use original charging accessories. If the cable or power supply is not available, purchase a brand new one.
  2. Do not charge the device in a hot or cold room. Do not let direct sunlight affect the device.
  3. Ensure your phone is not charging at a high temperature
  4. Clean up and monitor the battery periodically using special apps connectors (like Nova Battery Tester).

Samsung galaxy A71 not charging: Conclusion

Please take note of the steps listed above. Thank you for reading this blog post hope you solve your issue using this steps. If you enjoyed reading this article, please copy the post link & share it on WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

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