Upcoming Infinix Phones In 2019 That Will Blow Your Mind!

Upcoming Infinix Phones In 2019 That Will Blow Your Mind!

Rumors about upcoming Infinix phones in 2019 have evaded the internet space and got Nigerians in sweet anticipation. What do the Chinese giant, Transsion Holdings, the maker of Tecno, Infinix and Itel have in store for us this 2019?

upcoming Infinix phones in 2019

Several reports have revealed that Infinix have something under wraps already but no news has been heard from its sister company Tecno just yet. And yes, Itel on its path released the Itel A44 Air in January this year.

Infinix has announced or rather, given hint at a flagship powerhouse, an addition to the Zero family lineup dubbed the Infinix zero 6, indicating that it should be launched before Q3 2019 (that’s an awful long time to keep us in suspense  😥 )

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In the meantime, here are all the rumors concerning the specs, pricing etc of the Infinix Zero 6 to whet your appetite.

upcoming Infinix phones in 2019: Infinix Zero 6 Specs

infinix zero 6 specs and price in nigeria, upcoming infinix phones in 2019

Rumors have it that Infinix’s new flagship Zero will spot a full notch display screen, and Heavens no, not those terrible ones we saw on the Infinix Hot S3X and 6X. I mean notch screens with an aspect ratio of between 90%-95%, kind of like what is obtainable on the iPhone X lineup.

Also, unlike the one before it, (the Zero 5 and 5 Pro), the Infinix Zero 6 specs will feature far better cameras in front and at the back and also support FaceID unlock. Other speculations about the phone tell that it will ship fully loaded with:

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  • Finger print sensor (rear mounted as usual)
  • 6 GB ram
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (praise the Lord, finally!  😆 ) as opposed to the typical Mediatek they’re so used to.
  • A humongous 4,500 mAH battery with super fast charging.
  • High game graphics processor.

Infinix Zero 6 Price In Nigeria

upcoming infinix phones in 2019, infinix zero 6 specs and price in nigeria

The price in Nigeria of the Infinix Zero 6 is speculated to go as high as N86,000 when converted from Indian Rupees to Naira

So as you know, the phone is not yet out people. It’s just one of the many speculations surrounding the upcoming infinix phones in 2019. What you need to do meanwhile is to bookmark this page. As the months roll by, keep coming back because we’ll be updating you with all the latest as the story breaks.

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Now over to you.

With what you’ve seen about one of the upcoming Infinix phones in 2019, particularly the specs on the Infinix Zero 6, would you be interested in buying it when it comes out. Comment ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ below.


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