10 Richest Yahoo Boys in Lagos Nigeria (2019) You Need To Know.

10 Richest Yahoo Boys in Lagos Nigeria (2019) You Need To Know.

Everybody wants to know the names of the richest Yahoo boys in Lagos Nigeria, and after the smashing success of my first post “Learn how to be a Yahoo boy“, i thought i’d do a follow up article around the same theme for you all.

Over the years, we’ve all seen several Yahoo boys in Nigeria oppress us on social media, the ring leader of them all usually Hushpuppi, the self-acclaimed King of Gucci.

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If they’re not posing in a N30,000,000 Benz or Range, they’re pictured either brandishing big, fat bundles of cash and washing diamond-studded Rolexes with N400,000 bottles of Ace at Quilox.

Richest Yahoo Boys in Lagos, Lautech, Unilag, Edo state, Ibadan, Agege and Nigeria
Maga don pay! Yahoo boys washing the new Range Rover of their fellow colleague.

All of such ‘power moves’ and more have made Nigerian youths hungry and desperate for that kind of wealth. I’m not going to go into details on the Yahoo boy orientation and formats in this post. You can click that link to read that part.

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Top 10 richest Yahoo boy names of Yahoo boys in Lagos and Nigeria

In order of the most popular, most controversial (and not yet arrested 🤗), we’ve pooled this list together for your eager perusal.

Disclaimer: This list is for educational purposes only and not to encourage you to ‘change career path’ so to speak. Whatever you choose to do with this information is soley your business ☺.

Now that we’ve established that, here they are:

#1. Ray Hushpuppi (1.6m IG followers)

Richest Yahoo Boys in Lagos, Lautech, Unilag, Edo state, Ibadan, Agege and Nigeria

Malaysia-based Hushpuppi is obviously and easily the most popular Yahoo boy from Lagos Nigeria, thanks to hundreds of Gucci-themed photos on Instagram and occasional squabbles with some Nigerian artistes like Phyno.

I think most Nigerians would even argue that Hush is the richest of all Yahoo boys in Lagos Nigeria on this list. Unfortunately, we cannot prove the efficacy of that speculation. I mean, it’s not like Forbes calculates the networth of the world’s richest Yahoo boys 😋.

#2. Baddy Osha (729k IG followers)

Baddy Osha

Back when I attended the 2018 Hennessy Artistry Concert at Federal Palace Hotel with the boys, i was privy to sight one of the many Whips belonging to Badmus Akeem aka Baddy Osha, a white Mercedes Benz convertible Coupe, and it was breath-taking.

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His name has been heard repeatedly in the lyrics of a few notable Nigerian artistes like Lil Kesh, Slim Case and Olamide (i believe this is a rather smart move by these artistes in a bid to ginger them to drop some millions after singing their praises.)

#3. Investor BJ (613k IG followers)

Investor BJ

I found this one entirely on Instagram where he commands hundreds of thousands of ardent followers liking, commenting and drooling over his every post. If you recall, 9ice even sang his praises on his “Living Things” song.

#4. King Jide

Now here is a live one to backup my rant in the opening paragraphs above about washing Rolexes with Ace.

The Yahoo lifestyle is all about the show. They say King Jude here rose to prominence after he blew N5 million naira on 1 bottle of Dom Perignon and 30 (😲 fuck!), yes, 30 bottles of Ace Of Spade…all in one night.

Other more notable Yahoo boy names include’

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#5. B Naira (767k IG followers

B Naira

#6. Opa6ix


#7. Investor Zillionz (116k IG followers)

Investor Zillionz, Richest Yahoo Boys in Lagos, Lautech, Unilag, Edo state, Ibadan, Agege and Nigeria

In fact, quit a number of Nigerians have speculated for a long time that the list of the richest yahoo boys in Lagos Nigeria cannot be complete without adding:

#8. E-Money of Five Star Music

#9. Tinny of Tinny Entertainment and

#10. Emperor Geezy of G-Worldwide Entertainment

Emperor Geezy

Whether the speculations are true or false, I guess we’ll never really know (except of course, EFCC comes for them 🤔).

Side note: If i were to be a Yahoo yahoo boy, my Yahoo boy name will be “Richee Money” 😊😋.

Is there anybody who should be on this list that isn’t? Tell us their names in the comments below.

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