DSTV Nigeria Customer Care Number, Self Service, Office, Reset Code.

Here is the DSTV Nigeria Customer Care number, Office, Self Service, Email, Office, Reset Code, in Lagos, Ikeja, Benin, Enugu, Surulere, Maiduguri, Oshogbo, Port harcourt, Agbor, in Ajao and other parts of the country.

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What is the full meaning of DSTV?

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Truth is most Nigerians till today don’t know the full meaning of DSTV. If i went about on a Vox pop street interview rampage asking people this question, i swear i will have an epic laugh!

So as not to fall your hand in the future, know this: the full meaning of the DSTV acronym is Digital Satellite Television. There you have it.

DSTV Nigeria Customer Care

DSTV Nigeria Customer Care number

Now and then our DSTV dishes or Decoders run into several problems too technical for mere mortals like us to fix and we need to make a call to the DSTV Nigeria customer care number to probably send someone over or walk us through.

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The numbers to call if ever in case you get yourself into a pickle is 08039003788 or 012703232.

DSTV Nigeria Customer Care

DSTV office in Nigeria (Headquarters)

The HQ Office of DSTV in Nigeria is located in Lagos at Multichoice Nigeria Limited plot 1381, Tiamiyu Savage street, Victoria Island.

DSTV Nigeria self service (short code & USSD code)

The DSTV Nigeria self service short code & USSD code options are available for you to ‘service yourself’ to your satisfaction 😂. The USSD code is *288# while the short code is 30333.

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DSTV Nigeria Customer Care email address.

If you’d rather reach the company via email, send a mail to dstvnigeria@multichoice.co.za.

DSTV Nigeria Customer Care

DSTV reset code and how to reset your DSTV decoder.

There are basically two simple ways to reset your DSTV decoder in case you run into an error.
1. Via your phone
2. Via the official website

How to reset DSTV Decoder via your phone.

After subscribing, send RESET in a text message followed by your SmartCard number to 30333. This will signal the DSTV office to reset your decoder. You will then get a response shortly that the re-authentication process is on going.

How to reset DSTV Decoder via the website.

Step 1: Go to easy.dstv.com.
Step 2: Sign in to your account with your Surname or Mobile Number and your SmartCard Number.
Step 3: Click on the “Fix Errors.” option.
Step 4: Enter your SmartCard number in the dialogue box provided then select the “E16” error option.
Step 5: Enter the text displayed in the captcha box and click on “Fix Error.”

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All things being equal, these two options should work. But in the event that it doesn’t just take a trip down to the DSTV Nigeria customer care office and they will resolve it for you.

Is there anything here that wasn’t clear enough? Write it in the comments so i can shed more light.

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  1. I made subscription to my Dstv smart number 7020785867 Mohammed Ibrahim on 19/07/2019 but after some days my Dstv stop working I borrowed my friend Dstv 7018257255, name James Dako and made two months subscription of #2000 each month, after subscription I was told that I can’t use the decoder, what I want now is to have one month subscription transfer to my personal Dstv account number 7020785867.

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