5 Free Ebook Torrenting Sites 84% Of You Still Don’t Know Exist

Free ebook torrenting sites are diverse all around the (dark) web. The huddle is finding out which ones are actually worth your time (and safe too).

In this post, I’m going to be taking you through a review of the top 5 Torrenting Sites available to download your free ebooks from.

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FAQs about free ebook Torrenting sites

On Google, these are pretty much the top 10 frequently asked questions people are searching for on this topic:

  • Where can I download pirated eBooks?
  • Is downloading eBooks illegal?
  • How do I download books on utorrent?
  • Where can I download free EPUB books?
  • What is the best site to download EPUB books?
  • Is EPUB free and safe?
  • Is EPUB or PDF better?
  • How do I convert a PDF to ebook?
  • What is the most popular eBook format?
  • What is the difference between an ebook and a PDF?
  • How much does an eBook cost?

We’ll be answering all the FAQs and more in the course of this post. Stay with me.

Is Torrenting legal or illegal?

This is a question most newbies into the realm of Torrenting usually ask. I’ll tell you exactly what I told the last 4,000 or so people who asked this same question:

It is legal and it is illegal.

It is legal if the Torrent site has copyright permission for the content it makes available for Torrenting. If it doesn’t (which 98% of the time is the case), then it becomes illegal. This is why you’re advised strongly to always use a VPN when navigating these water torrents (pun intended 😁).

5 Free ebook Torrenting sites you should try today

Now back to the matter, here are 5 of the best websites to download free ebooks in PDF or Epub from.

#1. Planet Book

Free ebook torrenting sites

If you’re a Literature Head like I once was back in Highschool, this free ebook torrenting website created by Richard Crocker (my namesake) is your best bet.

Here, you can find all the best Literary classics written by famous Authors ranging from Mark Twain, Jane Austin, Anne Brontë and many others.

Visit Planet Book

#2. Book-Share

Free Ebook Torrenting Sites

Personally, I think Book-Share is one of the best websites you can find that offers free ebook download and torrenting. They have a library of over 400,000 titles and thus present a very effective means to get away from the real world and totally immerse oneself in the Book World. Number 3 is my very best yet.

Visit Book-share

#3. AnyBooks – Free Ebook Torrenting Sites

Free Ebook Torrenting Sites

AnyBooks is a free ebook reader app that has been on my phone since 2018. On this app I have added over 20 books to my Library ranging from Business, personal development, Religion and Romance titles.

I had Biographies of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, movie titles like “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” and so many others.

Visit AnyBooks

#4. The Pirate Bay

You can’t possibly talk about free Ebook Torrenting sites without mentioning some of the Kingpins in the game such as The Pirate Bay.

This website is like a mini Google search engine – think of it as a “Google for the Dark web” where you can download virtually anything ranging from Audio, Videos, Apps, Games, and yes of course, ebooks.

They even have a page for the top 100 ebooks on the site you should definitely check out.

Visit Piratebay

#5. KickAss Torrent

Last but not the least on our list is KickAss Torrent, the not so little brother to The Pirate Bay.

This was the very first Torrent site I knew back in College. I never really got around to knowing how to use it though. Torrenting sites were so much different from regular sites back then.

Anyway, you can also get your ebooks here just as you can get a bunch of other stuff as well.

Visit Kickass Torrent

I have a Confession to make

Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed writing this post in the least bit. It’s taken me about 2 weeks to finally finish it and it’s not because I had a lot to write. It’s because I do not know the first thing about Torrents, plain and simple.

I find it a tad boring and “scammish” to say the least (my friend Paularo will vehemently disagree though because he’s been combing through the Dark web since we were in College so it’s like his backyard).

I think I’ll write more of what I enjoy writing from now on. So much for trying to pull in more Western web traffic.

Anyways. See you guys on the next post.

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