How I Get 10k Free Instagram Likes Using This Amazing App.

Want to know how I get free Instagram likes for my page? What I’m about to reveal to you is little known by most and will totally blow your mind when you realize just how easy it is to get free Instagram likes.

I was attending a digital marketing training course in Lagos sometime last year when a fellow student of mine casually showed me this app he’d discovered. Actually he’d thought of it as a useless app really.

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But i took one good look at it and i saw power! I saw the power to give over 14,000 people all over the world who search Google every month for how to get free Instagram likes. I saw the power to hold you all by the balls (literally) and bring you to my blog to learn how you too can acquire this power for yourselves.

Using this app, i can simply type out how many likes i want on a particular post, say 500, and VOILA! Within 3 mins or so they appear!

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Are you ready to know the app I’m referring to? Is your appetite psyched up enough to discover this hidden secret? The real question here is have i made you wait long enough to hear it?

I’ll give you some clues (let’s make this fun people! Where’s your spirit of adventure?): For starters the app is on Play Store…but it’s not on the Apple store (What a bummer. i wonder whose fault that is.)

It starts with the letter “N” and ends with the letter “O”.

Any guesses from the readers?

Should i end this post right here and now and make you guess and guess and guess? Don’t worry, i don’t take pleasure in your long suffering (or do i?).

The name of the app is Neutrino.

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How to get free Instagram likes using the Neutrino app.

I have sweet news for everyone reading this right now, and it’s that Neutrino is not just an app for free Instagram likes, you can also get free Instagram followers in tens of thousands from it but our main stay today isn’t followers. I guess I’ll write a separate and detailed post about that another time.

Now let me work you through the step by step process of getting what we all came here for using screenshots from the app itself as i use it.

Step 1: Download Neutrino apk

Get free Instagram likes
Official Neutrino website

For some unknown reason, the app has been removed from Playstore for a while now without reason. However, you can still download the .apk file at their official site. Install on your Android phone, enter your IG login details (don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe) and follow me to the next step.

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Step 2: Understanding the Neutrino dashboard.

Get Free Instagram Likes
Neutrino Dashboard

I have taken the liberty of numbering the most important sections of the dashboard of the app for your easy navigation.

Number 1 – Crystals: This is the currency of the app. You earn or buy crystals to be able to get free Instagram likes or followers as the case may be.

Number 2 – Update profile: Click this button to refresh your IG profile.

Number 3 – Daily Bonus: Every 24hrs, the app will gift you 30 crystals free.

Number 4 – Energy: Your energy level must be positive at all times or else, your crystals will be rendered useless. As you follow others in the app, you increase your energy levels. The fastest way to lose it is to un follow them.

Number 5 – Boost: Buy more crystals and energy here if you’re the impatient money bag.

Number 6 – Your Instagram posts: When you click here, you see all your IG posts in a 3 x 3 grid layout. It’s here all the fun takes place. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Number 7 – Orders: When you set your free IG likes in motion, it is termed as “an order” and all orders appear in number 7 as either “in progress” “complete” or “invalid/failed”.

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Number 8 – Followers: It’s via this tab you get free Instagram followers (Perish that joy that just sprung up in your heart a second ago. We’re not here for that.)

Number 9 – Buy, buy, buy: This is virtually the same as Number 5.

Number 10 – Earn crystals: Click the button and follow the instructions to mine crystals.

Step 3: The process of getting your 50 free Instagram likes daily, free likes on Instagram pictures instantly.

– Go back to Number 6 on the dashboard where you can find your posts.

– Click on whichsoever post you want to boost.

Get Free Instagram Likes
Before boost = 10 likes

– You’ll see a small pop-up that allows you toggle between varying number of likes. You can choose 1 million likes per post if you want. It all depends on how much crystals you have. For this demonstration, I’ll be attempting to boost by 90 likes. As you can see, my crystals are low.

– Next, an Order is created in the tab beside your post tab where you can monitor the status of your free likes. Even as it loads, if you refresh the app, you will see your likes on that post increase.

Orders tab

– Finally, your free likes appear!

Get Free Instagram Likes
After boost = 101 likes

Do you have any questions or opinions? Will you be trying out the app? Let me know in the comments box below.

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