What is JSON And Why Is It Preferred for Data Exchange?

We use different language systems for better communication among different applications and servers. JSON and XML are some popular language systems that help in the interchange of data among different applications.

Today, JSON is one of the most popular formats based on text and is very easy to read. For a better understanding of JSON, we must know how to convert text to JSON with the help of a text to JSON converter. Here, we will discuss JSON and why it is preferred for the exchange of data.

What is JSON?

JavaScript Object Notation, commonly called JSON, is a type of data interchange from a server to a client. The main reason behind the popularity of JSON is it can easily be read by humans and includes simple texts. You can use any popular text to JSON converter to read a file in JSON.

JSON supports different data types like an object, array, string and other values. It explains a basic structure that can be complete information of a person, place or application.

The working of JSON is like a browser sends data to the server in JSON, and the server responds to the data in JSON. You can convert the text according to your understanding by using a text to JSON converter.

JSON files

The exchange of data in JSON is done in the form of a file. To differentiate between a simple and a JSON file, we use an extension .json at the end of every file, e.g. app.json, name.json etc.

You can use any txt to JSON converter to convert txt to JSON. However, a JSON file is simply a text-based file that is easy to read for a human and similarly for a machine. That’s why it is very common and popular.

Why is JSON preferred for data exchange?

Although JavaScript Object Notation or simply JSON is not the only format, we use it for the exchange of data from a server to a client. There are a lot more formats for data exchange. But it is very popular because of some basic reasons that are as follows:

  •  It is a very simple format and supports only a single page to explain the whole system.
  • As its name shows, JavaScript Object Notation is derived from JavaScript syntax, which is very common among some popular web browsers.
  •  It is both a human-readable and a machine-readable format.
  •  It has a very lightweight format and uses very few bytes for the transfer of data.

JSON is a more innovative format compared to other formats like XML. JSON is considered the first choice for the designing of a mobile application. Other formats might cause you a bit of trouble in using a text to JSON converter.


JavaScript Object Notation has a lot of contributions in the exchange of data. It is the best and most preferable format nowadays. Using a text to JSON converter helps you to understand the format more easily. I hope now you know why JSON is considered the best format for data exchange.

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