Meet A.I.R.A, The AI Search Algorithm Powering My Postal Code

Say hello to A.I.R.A, the AI Search engine Algorithm powering the My Postal Code website for finding postal and zip codes in Lagos state, Nigeria.

A.I.R.A is a acronym for “Artificial Intelligence Recommendation Algorithm” and it was coined by the Nigerian founders of the postal code directory website that launched a few weeks ago.

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About My Postal Code

My postal code

My Postal Code is the first of its kind search engine in Nigeria offering postal codes of places in Lagos State alone.

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While similar websites offer postal codes for the entire country, chose to rather niche down and be the Mayor of Lagos, so to speak after it realized that no one other site was specializing in Lagos.

Artificial Intelligence Recommendation Algorithm (A.I.R.A)

My Postal Code

There has been lots of talk about Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria among other related subjects in Machine Learning and Big Data.

And while the country is yet in its earliest stages of fully utilizing the power of AI, A.I.R.A Version 1.0 itself is still in its developing stages.

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As at launch, it can quickly recommend an auto suggested list of likely keywords the searcher might be interested in based on his/her search query.

One of the more advanced features of the search Algorithm is that also takes into account and understands that misspellings and synonyms often mean the same thing as the actual keyword.

More offerings

In addition to finding postal codes, My Postal Code also offers users the ability find post offices in Lagos as well as Lagos local government areas.

Since its launch on the 8th of July, the platform has already recorded over 7,000 searches for postal codes in Lagos.

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Now over to you

Do you have any questions about My Postal Code search engine website? Ask away in the comments section and we’ll respond immediately.

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