5 Most Shared Social Media Posts On Richeetech. #5 Will Shock You!

I decided to compile a list of Richeetech’s most shared social media posts to kickoff posting this fresh new month.

Analytics website, Newswhip actually has something similar to this sort of countdown, so maybe i just happened to ‘get’ the idea from them.

As we move forward, i guess I’ll try to do something like this every single month end, however, the reason I’m writing this now and i skipped that of January is because of the rude shock i got after i saw the most shared post on the list, and i promise, i’ll give you guys all the load down when we get there.

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So let’s take it from the top, the least shared post, up to the most shared social media posts in February in reverse chronological order:

#5. 5 Gossip Blogs In Nigeria That Don’t Send Your Fada. (232 Shares)

gossip blogs in nigeria

With this post, i wanted to attempt to capture just the top most notorious Nigerian gossip blogs. You know, the types that can write a post they know can land them in serious Jail time for libel and slander but they still do it anyway for the sake of Page views. Yes, I’m sure a few have already crossed your scheming little mind ?. Read the post.

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#4. We’re Back, But You Wouldn’t Believe What Happened To Us. (232 Shares).

Were back

Truth be told, I’m surprised this post even made the list. It was one of my first 3 posts on the blog and all i did was semi express my anger at that useless Nigerian hosting company we know all too well. Want to find out which exactly? Read the post.

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#3. Guess Who The Owner Of Bet9ja Is. The Answer Will Surprise You. (282 Shares)

owner of nairabet, nairabet owner and founder akin alabi

If you read my number 2 post on the list, you’ll totally get my point. I wrote a very similar post last year and it did so well on Google. While starting over almost from scratch this year, I simply rewrote it. Read the post.

#2. Richeetech Is Officially 1 Year Old And This Is How Our 2018 Went Down…(329 Shares).

Again just like number 4, i really wonder why this made the most shared social media posts in February 2019 list. All i did was share our revenue and traffic figures for 2018 as well as provide valuable lessons we learned and what our plan for 2019 was. Read the post.

#1. To Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy In Just 7 Minutes, Read This. (800 Shares)

Learn how to be a yahoo boy

Now i know EXACTLY why this post blew up. The difference in shares between this and the one before is almost 500 shares. Don’t let it come as a shock to you that a lot of Nigerians were actually sharing this on Facebook. The hustle is real! A tutorial like this coupled with that irresistible click-baity headline was the perfect recipe for a viral content but i was shocked nonetheless. Naija i hail o. Una fear me gan. ??

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Which of our most shared social media posts do you identify with the most? Your comments below.

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