Cheap Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria: The Top 10 You Should Try.

With different web hosting companies emerging in Nigeria, I’ve selected the top 10 best and cheap web hosting companies in Nigeria that you can work with.

But before we delve in deeper, it’s best you understand some basic terms. Firstly…

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Top, best and cheap web hosting companies in Nigeria

What is Web Hosting?

Cheap Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Web hosting is a type of Internet service that allows websites to be accessible through the www. or World Wide Web. 

If you have a website and it’s on blogspot, it is hosted by and it’s a free hosting plan.

For WordPress users, you already know what it means to host a website. If you don’t, you’re right here and now you know.

What are Web Hosts?

Web hosts are the companies that provide the cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria or other countries.

They provide the space on a server for you to make your website available and accessible on the World Wide Web (W³ or WWW).

Types of Web Hosting You Should Know

There are multiple types of web hosting services and they vary greatly in cost, capability and scalability. 

Here are the most basically existing types of web hosting services and platforms you should know:

Shared Web Hosting

It is one of the most common hosting plans where a website is powered by a server that equally powers tens or hundreds of other websites.

Each distinctive domain may share same portion of allocated CPU, RAM, and other server resources.

It can be operated by companies with reseller accounts, and resellers are into the business of selling out shared web hosting plans to customers.

Managed Hosting

In Managed hosting, the provider restricts some controls to the user’s web server which they (the users) get.

For example, in Windows, the user given control to administration access, and in Linux, the user is denied root access.

Through these restrictions, creation of problems or modification of the server by users is controlled.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is a new type of hosting that allows user to host content reliably, and it works through the integration of heavyweight servers that are clustered.

It is powerful, reliable, scalable, and has more advantage compared to other types of hosting platforms.

This is because other computers in the cloud can fill in the gap or operate when one hardware stops working.

It is decentralized and more immune to external faults such as power outage and disruptions.

You have very little worries with this hosting platform.

One good thing about Cloud hosting is that the providers are able to charge their consumers depending on the amount of resources consumed, rather than a fixed price.

Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS)

With Virtual Dedicated Servers, server resources can be allocated to virtual servers without revealing the underlying hardware. It is also known as Virtual Private Sever (VPS).

It can be either a managed server where the users are given server admin tasks by the VPS provider, or an unmanaged server where the users are responsible for server maintenance.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting that gives clients controls and enables them to become web hosts.

The services of a Reseller host are mostly similar to those of their provider’s, since they’re affiliated to the shared hosting plan of the provider.

Also, resellers provide the technical support to their customers, and the account of Resellers are different – they may have a VPS connected to a collocated server.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting allows users full control over their web server.

It is unlike the Managed hosting where the users are denied administration access (for Windows) and root access (in Linux).

It is the least expensive dedicated hosting platform, and the security/maintenance responsibility rests on the users.

However, the users do not own the web server, they only have full control.

Collocation Web Hosting

Collocation hosting questionably the most expensive of all the hosting platforms.

It is also the most powerful as the hosting company maintains the server and makes provision for the physical location or space the server would occupy.

It is a similar hosting platform to the dedicated hosting. 

Home Server

The home server is placed in either a home or a residence to host several websites or just a website from a broadband connection.

Home Server can either be old personal computers, or machines built for the purpose of hosting one or multiple websites.

Clustered Web Hosting

When you need the best and most reliable hosting, GI for clustered hosting. It is where several servers are made to host a single content for better utilization.

It is the kind of hosting used by hosting companies to host several websites, and it is highly scalable and dedicated.

Grid Web Hosting

Grid Hosting is a kind of distributed hosting where a cluster of a server serves as a grid with several nodes.

If you want to host a website in Nigeria, you should consider using either:

  1. A Global Host/Server that Covers Nigeria
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A global host like other foreign hosts that covers Nigeria would do better in terms of quality of service, security and support.

  1. A Local Host/Server in Nigeria

Local Hosts render localized options to consumers and you may find this more comfortable.

For example local hosts accept payments in naira, and their terms may be more suitable and tailored.

But then, they don’t give the best services and support unlike the establish global hosts.

Top 10 Best and cheap web Hosting Companies in Nigeria for WordPress, Blogger, and Other Platforms

Cheap Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Below is a list of the top 10 best hosting companies in Nigeria.

These companies are the best known and they are reliable according to several sources and what they state on their websites.

Domainking, Gigalayer, Smartweb, Qservers Review: Never Use Them!

They have different price tags, some offer larger bandwidth at an extra cost while the others offer web hosting for as low as N300 naira per month.

Also, these companies are not all old, some of them are pretty new, but the pace they’re keeping up with has landed them on this list.

One of the best ways you can know what works is to actually try something.

Forget about the negative reviews you’ve read on the Internet about Nigerian hosting companies, you should patronize them and I bet you’ll not have an iota of regret.

Here are the top 10 best and Cheap Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria:

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  1. Hub8

Hub8 is pretty new in the web hosting business compared to several companies listed here.

I was blown away when I visited the website, realizing they offer a free hosting plan for WordPress with 500MB storage space and 100GB bandwidth – that’s too awesome.

Although it’s a free plan for WordPress, there are other bigger plans and smaller pro plans that comes with much more storage space, bandwidth, and goodies.

Its WordPress pro plan starts at N490 naira monthly, and it also has a free plan for users not willing to host in WordPress.

Its ultimate plan comes with N1,690 naira monthly and over N20,000 naira each year.

Whichever way, it’s one of the best hosting companies in Nigeria even as it is also one of the newest and cheapest hosting companies in Nigeria.

Pricing: N3,000.00 – N20,280.00 (Yearly)

Website: Hub8.cco

  1. HostNowNow

HostNowNow is one very cheap hosting company you’d like to try our in Nigeria.

They offer cloud hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, and also, they’re cloud hosting services and functions are up to standard and very scalable.

Not one of the cheapest in terms of cost, but if you’re taking about reliability, you should try out this hosting company.

Pricing: N4,000.00 – N75,000.00


  1. GlobalHosting247

With several companies hosting websites in Nigeria, it’s very easy to get lost in the wide.

GlobalHosting247 has created a reputation not just with their services, but their affordability. They offer some of the cheapest hosting services in Nigeria.

You get 1GB storage space with 15GB bandwidth as the least plan, and you can choose other bigger plans on the platform.

Pricing: N2,250.00 – N65,000.00 (Yearly)


  1. SmartWeb Online Solutions

Launched in 2004, SmartWeb Online Solutions have made their way to becoming a top 10 leading hosting companies in Nigeria through uniqueness in their service delivery.

They offer from 10GB storage space to unlimited storage depending on your choice of plan. Also, you get from 30GB monthly traffic limit to unlimited based on your purchased plan.

They are gaining ground each day, and allow their clients to purchase plan, pay in the Nigerian currency.

Pricing: N3,500.00 – N50,000.00 (Yearly)


  1. Registeram

Registeram is one of the top 10 web hosting companies in Nigeria. The services they render ranges from Linux web hosting, domain name registration, transfers and more.

Depending on the plan you choose, Registeram offers from 5GB to 30GB storage space, and a monthly traffic limit of 25GB to 90GB based on your plan.

Payments can be made by bank deposits or you can choose to pay online.

Pricing: N11,000.00 – N75,000.00 (Yearly)


  1. Tfhost 

Tfhost is one of the fastest rising hosting companies in Nigeria.

Guess what?

You get a Free SSL certificate on any hosting plan you choose, and you get the lowest storage space of 2GB with 1GB bandwidth.

The company was launched in 2008 and they’ve been going  strong till date.

They offer different plans, and you have the option to choose either a monthly plan or yearly.

Pricing: N2,200.00 – N12,000.00 (Yearly)


  1. Web4Africa

Web4Africa as the name implies, offers hosting services to Nigerian and African companies and website owners.

They can also offer services to people abroad, but they operate from Nigeria, Africa.

If you want your website hosted by a Nigerian company, you should really visit Web4Africa.

They’re a leading hosting company in Nigeria, and obviously one of the leading top 10 web hosting companies in the country.

Depending on the plan you choose, you get from 1GB space and 5GB bandwidth to unlimited storage space and bandwidth. 

Pricing: N3,937.50 – N39,375.00 (Yearly)


  1. DomainKing

DomainKing is one of the most popularly used web hosting companies in Nigeria.

One of the reasons they’re so popular is because of their very many freebies and services they offer.

Interestingly, with only N300 naira, you can host a domain on DomainKing (that’s even less than $1 dollar).

Unlike many, they give their users free SSL Certificate which comes with the lowest pricing, and also, you get a free domain name of your choice.

They’re into WordPress hosting (for users who may be interested in hosting their websites on WordPress), and they also have higher plans that come with better goodies.

Pricing: N3,600.00 – N58,000.00 (Yearly)


  1. Utiware

Uriware offers you very viable payment options. You can choose to make payments online through InterSwitch, your MasterCard or Debit Card.

You can also make payments to their banks through the details you’ll be given. 

The have different hosting plans, and depending on the hosting plan you select, you get 5GB to 50GB.

They offer Windows hosting, and have mySQL and PHP on the Windows hosting they provide. 

Also depending on your hosting plan, your traffic limit every month ranges from 5GB to 180GB.

It is one of the top 10 web hosting companies in Nigeria for sure.

Pricing: N5,000.00 – N100,000.00 (Yearly)


  1. Whogohost

I got a domain name from Whogohost and I have been using their hosting service on my online platforms for years.

I can tell they’re reliable, but every company has its flaws.

Whogohost Review: Run Away From Whogohost, Or This Will Happen To You Too.

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It is one of the top 10 web hosting companies in Nigeria and they keep expanding every day.

For people with not much money, Whogohost is a perfect fix as they’re able to choose a monthly plan rather than a yearly plan.

You can choose either a smaller plan or the professional plan.

Generally, the company offers from 1GB to 25GB storage and their bandwidth ranges from 4GB to 75GB depending on the plan you choose.

They offer suitable payment options from InterSwitch, Rave online to bank deposits.

Pricing: N4,000.00 – N21,000.00 (Yearly)


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Things to Look for in a Good Hosting Company

Before you host your website, you should take these things into consideration and run with the hosting company that provides most of these or all of them.

  1. Over 99.8% Uptime

This means the percent of time your website is accessible. Sometimes, websites go down and are not accessible.

This fault comes directly from the web host and it measures the competency of the hosting company.

When your website goes down, users who come to your website at that moment are disappointed at what they see.

Bottom Line: Check for an uptime of at least 99.8% in a host before you subscribe to any of their packages.

  1. Speed
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You should check for speed as this will greatly affect your website in the long run.

According to google, the average loading speed should be 200ms, and if your website loads slower than this, it’ll cause more problems than leave a low bounce rate.

A bounce rate calculated by the average time users spend on a page on your site before going back to the search engine results page.

If your website is slow, definitely, your web host has a role or two in it. 

Would you wait for 4 minutes for a web page to load or would you rather click the “back button” to surf the other results on the page?

  1. Auto Backups

Top web hosting companies who claim to be cheap, affordable and also the best in Nigeria must offer you Automatic backups.

Automatic backups are relevant to safe the content and configurations of a website before further changes are made.

You don’t have to risk anything, and your content, website settings can be reinstalled with a click. 

Most of the hosting companies now offer this feature, and you shouldn’t fall for the ones that don’t.

  1. Security

You don’t want your website to be hijacked by Internet fraudsters, hackers, crackers and other sorts of Internet kidnappers do you?

Just imagine you have a website that generates $50,000 dollars per month for you, and gets over 2 million views monthly…

…what would happen if you woke up one morning and found out all your content have been deleted, and the next thing, you get locked out from your CPanel?

Crazy, right?

Well, this is why security is of utmost importance. Check for hosts with malware scanning, regular updates to their security resources and scripts, and those that offer a free or affordable SSL certificate.

  1. Storage/Bandwidth

The more storage space you have, the more images, videos, and content you would be able to store on your website.

The more bandwidth you have, the more visitors your website can accommodate, the more requests your website can take, and the more data your server can process.

So, it’s best to get a larger bandwidth and storage space if you run a mega business online or wish to run a mega website with thousands of pages and content in future.

Hosting companies that give these are the ones you would want to consider.

  1. Suitable Payment Methods

It is best to pay your bills online in Nigeria, but due to the rise in fraudulent activities on the Internet, direct bank transfer seems to pose as a more secure means of payment.

Therefore, you should opt in for the hosting companies that accept direct bank transfer so as to not slip your banking details in the wrong hands online.

  1. Reliable Customer Service

Some customers get stuck in the process when they’re left alone without support.

It’s very frustrating to not know what next to do especially after paying a huge amount of money for hosting a website.

This is why you should go with the hosting companies that provide the perfect customer support, and won leave you hanging there in confusion.

I recommend you go for companies that allow staff-to-customer instant live chat. A lot can be done in one day with this live chat feature.

  1. Cost

I know money is not what everyone has in excess, especially in Nigeria.

But don’t settle for less because you don’t want to spend money.

If you go for less, it’s not always the best.

You may spend so much money trying to get yourself out from the mess cheap hosting companies would put you.

Settle for an affordable and quality host.

What do you think about this post? Do you know other cheap Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria who you consider the best? Drop your comments below and don’t forget to share this post.


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