9jaFlaver.com Is A Big Fat Liar – And We Have Proof!


Renowned music streaming blog, 9jaflaver owned by Mr. EJump, has been lying to us about their website traffic for God knows how long, and we’ve finally caught them red handed! (I’m very curious to find out how they’ll deny this one) 😁.

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9jaflaver traffic stats

What 9jaflaver says about its website traffic

So if you go to the “Promote Music” page on their website, you’d see that the following banner is present there stating that they received a ridiculously absurd total of of 5 billion pageviews, 380 million visitors and 3 billion mp3 downloads during the month of November 2019 alone 🙄.

This is not all.

To contradict (and further implicate) them in the lie, just at the beginning of that “Promote Music” page, the website stated that they receive 5 million visitors…a day! Not in a month o. In a day!

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Let’s forget our brains at home and imagine we’re as stupid as this guy thinks we are just for a second and believe this fallacy.

It means that what they’re trying to tell us is that when this Promote Music page was created in March 2016, the website even back then was getting over 150 million visitors a month.

Then based on the image at the later end of the page, they’re claiming that between then and 2019, about 3 years later, their traffic skyrocketed to over 300 million visitors in a month 🙄.

Don’t forget o, we’re still letting the guys over at 9jaflaver think we’re stupid o. We’re still following their Super Story.

So, if these stats where actually true, what they’re trying to tell us is that they are the most visited website in the entire Country, even ahead of the likes of Lindaikeji, Punch, Legit and Naijaloaded.com. Very good. Very good 🤣.

As God will have it, Alexa rankings highly disagree with this assumption. In fact, they vehemently disagree.

According to Alexa, 9jaflaver.com is placed at #37 in the country and #13 if you’re counting only indigenously owned sites.

However, sites like Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive and the rest I mentioned earlier are all above it in whichever Alexa ranking you’re considering.

Don’t get me wrong, being #37 in the country is astounding. But why lie about your traffic in the first place (except you have low self esteem or you just want to scam us all 🤷)

And let’s still assume we’re all idiots and believe that they indeed get 300 million visitors a month. If that’s even in the least bit true, why would they charge a ridiculously low price to upload music for artistes such as this:

Naijaloaded that say they have 10 million visitors a month charge a minimum of 50 or NGN60,000 for their minimum plan and then you have 9jaflaver.com saying their maximum music plan is what? N60k? Have you seen all of Naijaloaded’s music plans? The prices will leave your mouth hanging.

Are we to believe they were so thoughtful about upcoming artistes that their hearts were touched to over subsidise their prices so low? That’s all a big pile of BS.

What their Google Analytics say on the other hand

Now I have this habit of checking the website traffic of blogs on Similarweb.com. The thought of how much traffic a site is getting intrigues me to say the least.

And if you’re familiar with Google Analytics, you know that it’s a website traffic monitoring tool owned by Google that you can trust.

Typically, Similarweb only provides traffic estimates, but if you’d like a more detailed and in short, the exact figure of a website traffic, the webmaster themselves would need to verify their traffic via Google Analytics for the real traffic figures to be displayed (so Mr. EJump can’t lie about this one).

9jaflaver basically shot themselves in the foot with this one. They went ahead to verify it (if only they’d known it would come back to bite them in the ass).

So if you go to their Similarweb traffic analysis page, you’ll see the below screenshot:


According to this screenshot, Google Analytics say 9jaflaver.com received 5.2 million visits in the month of November 2019…the same month that they themselves claimed that they received over 300 million visitors 🤣🤣🤣. See lie! Even their average time spent is a lie!

Google Analytics is easily the standard for measuring website traffic worldwide and they can’t be lying.

Compare the stats on both images above and below carefully (laugh out loud sarcastically when you see the magnitude of the lie 😅).


My conclusion

As far as media and journalistic integrity goes, 9jaflaver thinks our ethics are shit. They grab it, use it to clean their ass and piss on it.

And to think that for years, unsuspecting advertisers and Artistes have paid good money to them after being deceived by such stats, just breaks my heart.

Advertisers and Musicians out there, be warned and be wise. No fall mumu again. Now you know.

A word if enough for the wise.

And to you guys at 9jaflaver.com and Mr. EJump himself: una wedon. Continue to deceive the entire country and put them in your pocket.

You know what they say abi:

“One day for the thief…” (complete am 😅).

I’d love to hear all your comments below. Let’s all talk about this serious matter.

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5 Replies to “9jaFlaver.com Is A Big Fat Liar – And We Have Proof!

  1. Last last I learn you’re a confused blogger.. You are talking about a Google analytic and your mentioning similar web. Lol

    Guy relax with the rushing..
    Online tools will never tell you accurate traffic a site gets.. And beside you don’t even known the amount of traffic from their different social handles..

    Similar web or whatever will only show stats on their search engine traffic.. Make rush rush no go put you into something big you can’t accommodate. Calling a site liars without a genuine evidence.. You can be sued

  2. They should be calming down…why are there rushing…in fact bloggers are scammers.. If you can fake traffic to get someone paying you for a services you are scam blogger….make una calm down please! Or should I call momy

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