Quick Online Loans In Nigeria: How To Get N5 million in 5 mins.

Looking for instant and quick online loans in Nigeria without collateral to solve all your monetary emergencies? We found 5 websites you could be interested in checking out, some available on the Google Play Store.

(P.S – If you’re an Apple user, I’m afraid you’d have to find them yourself. You know how it goes. This zone is Android users only 😁)

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Monetary emergencies mean different things for different people. For some, School resumption date is fast approaching and they need money for fees sharp sharp. For others, you probably need a salary advance just in case your employer is faffing around. Whatever it may be, the answer to your prayers may just lie two paragraphs away from here.

Top 5 websites for quick online loans in Nigeria.

Here are 5 websites that can help you apply for and get instant and quick online loans in Nigeria:

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#1. Zedadvance

Zedadvance quick online loans in nigeria

I first learned about Zedadvance from one of their billboards on Lagos Island (i had wondered why they used a female cartoon character instead of a human 🤔. Her name, is Zee BTW).

Anyway, asides being able to apply for instant and quick online loans in Nigeria via their website, Zedadvance also allows you to apply via WhatsApp! I think Zee handles this aspect, doubling as some sort of chat bot? 🙄

Minimum loan amount: N50,000

Maximum loan amount: N5,000,000

Repayable within: 1 – 12 months

#2. Paylater

quick online loans in nigeria

Paylater…because people would rather pay their loans later. In a recent Google Trend competitor analysis i did for a similar client, it turned out that Paylater was the most searched for among the 5 listed here, Renmoney closely following.

If that’s enough grounds for you to patronize them, well then carry on.

#3. RenMoney

quick online loans in nigeria

Renmoney is easily the most popular service offering quick online loans in Nigeria, and that’s not because they’re the best. It’s because they have a lot in the way of how much they can spend when it comes to getting the word out there.

I almost tried them once in 2018 but i snapped out of it. I simply don’t like people breathing down my neck to be paid back their money 😪. According to their website, Renmoney say they’ve provided loans of up to N50bn!

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Minimum loan amount: N50,000

Maximum loan amount: N4,000,000

Repayable within: 1 – 12 months

#4. Rapidcash

So there are two important things you need to know about RapidCash loans. According to their website, it seems like they offer loans only of the paltry kind, and i mean that if you need loans for your business, except it’s pepper and tomato you’re selling, don’t bother.

These guys cater for those badly in need of quick cash (and not of the Yahoo kind). Just know that if you borrow N10,000, be ready to pay back N30,000 by end of month 🤓)

Minimum loan amount: N5,000

Maximum loan amount: N50,000

Repayable within: 30 days.

Interest rate: 30% (no, I’m not kidding).

#5. Quickcheck

Just like Rapidcash, Quickcheck has an interest rate of 30% per month (they however bullshit you that it’s just 1% interest per day, and so therefore you only pay for the number of days you owe. Different mouth but same B.S 😒).

Minimum loan amount: N10,000

Maximum loan amount: N30,000

Repayable within: take as long as you want, but just know that you’ll be paying…

Interest rate: …1% per day 🤗.

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Out of all the 5 services listed here, it’s only Quickcheck and Paylater who have a mobile app and that’s terrible. Even almighty Renmoney doesn’t.

I really don’t know how they do their thinking over there but i believe a mobile app-first initiative is what they should have started with, logic being that it’s easier for someone to take a loan if they always carry the loan app on their phones everywhere they go, as opposed to having to surf the web.

Na dem sabi.

Do you have any opinions, questions or suggestions? Comment below.

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