How To Hide Photos In Samsung J7 (And Never Get Caught!)

If you’re searching for how to hide photos in Samsung J7, well, I’m happy to tell you that there’s an app for that. 😉

And not only will you learn how to hide photos in Samsung J7, but also in Samsung J7 pro, J7 max, J7 nxt, S9, J2, C7 pro, J7 and even hide photos on Samsung tablets.

Of course if you were using an Infinix, this problem comes solved for you with the follow come Infinix X Hide app.

Alternatively, have you ever heard of the android app, Gallery Vault?

It was back in College (say 2014) i first learned about this app (apparently, my friend was using it to hide his ‘funny business’).

how to hide photos in Samsung J7
how to hide photos in Samsung J7

I don’t want to know why you’d need to hide videos or photos on your android phone, but I’m sure my guess is as good as yours.

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So here is how to make your wish come true:

How to hide photos in Samsung J7

First head over to Google store and search for ‘Gallery Vault’ and install.

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Gallery vault, how to hide photos in samsung j7

Once you launch the app, you’ll be taken to the dashboard where you have the option if hiding videos, pictures, documents and other files.

Choose the file type that suits your mission and click that floating button at the bottom right that looks like a ‘+’ sign.

You’ll be transported to your picture or video gallery where you can just mark the specific media files and indicate you’re done.

Next, all chosen files will encrypt and be moved to Gallery Vault.

And that’s exactly how to hide photos in Samsung J7.

But then here’s what’s interesting about using this particular app to hide your media files. Gallery Vault comes with a lot of innovative features (most are premium though).

1. App disguise

gallery vault, how to hide pictures in samsung j7
How to hide photos in Samsung J7

You have the free option to make your app appear as a calculator, called the ‘GCalculator’. I mean, the app would literally do all calculations both normal and scientific just like a typical calculator would.

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If you choose to disguise this way, the gallery vault app proper is now launched by clicking and holding the calculator icon in the top left for like 3 seconds and your security code panel will popup. Alternatively, if you type your password in the calculator and press the ‘=’ sign twice, your app will be revealed.

2. Private camera

gallery vault, how to hide pictures in samsung j7

This premium feature let’s you take pictures and videos through a dedicated camera app and hides
them automatically for you.

So if para venture you just recorded a sex tape with your GF (guilty!  😆 ) and you wanted her to believe you already deleted it (i did that  😈 ), you might want to consider upgrading to premium and getting this bad boy.

3. Theme

Gallery vault, how to hide pictures in samsung j7

This is a free feature that let’s you change the colour of the app. I prefer pink-ish looking one though. Which do you like?

4. Break in alerts

gallery vault, how to hide pictures in samsung j7

This premium feature tells you which of your snooping friends, family or stranger tried to unlock your app by taking a secret selfie of them and stores for you to checkout later.

5. Fake password

gallery vault, how to hide pictures in samsung j7

I really love this one. This works best if you don’t want to hide the app though.

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It’s (again) a premium feature that let’s you pick a second password…a fake one which when imputed will display an interface with fake content you deliberately put there to mislead say, your mum who was so curious to know what was padlocked in the app she accosted you to unlock it by fire by force.

Alright! My rant is over!

As much as this looks like a Gallery Vault review to get you to download the app (of which I’ve truly never seen anyone better), I hope now you how to hide photos in Samsung J7.

Any questions? Opinions? Suggestions? Have you ever used Gallery vault before? How did it go? Please leave a comment below.

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