Airtel Recharge Code 2020: How To Recharge Or Load Airtel Card


How to recharge or load Airtel Card in Nigeria using the Airtel Recharge Code – this is probably the most complete guide you’ll ever need.

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People usually laugh whenever I tell them that I have a two SIM smartphone that uses two MTN SIM cards.

Yeah. You’re allowed to laugh. I did this because I wanted to be sure I was gonna get quality network 100% of the time. Sadly, this hasn’t been the case (I don’t know whether it’s the reception in my room, or whether MTN 3G has just become really shitty these last few months 🤷).

Anyway, if you’re an Airtel Subscriber on the other hand and you’re searching Google to know the exact code for how to recharge or load Airtel card for Airtime, then you’ve come to the right place.

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We’ll show you how to recharge or load credit for making phone calls and sending text messages.

How to recharge or load Airtel Card for Airtime Credit

How To Recharge Load Airtel

Have you forgotten the code to use to recharge your Airtel line for credit or airtime? Don’t fret –  It’s perfectly natural to forget such codes once in a while. Just follow the steps I’ll outline below.

There are several ways to load your Airtel line:

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Via Serial or PIN number

You know it na. The normal way everybody else recharges their phones by copying a long string of numbers from a piece of paper into their dial pad. In case this person is (still) you, here’s how to recharge Airtel airtime via Serial or PIN number:

Step 1: Purchase an Airtel Recharge card at a street Vendor (if it requires scratching, do so but lightly or else you might just very well scratch out some numbers and then you’ll start blaming Airtel for your lack of patience.)

Step 2: To load the Airtel recharge card, dial *126*PIN# and then press the call or send button. For example, dial *126* the 16 digit PIN number under or on the scratch card and then #.

Pretty straight forward.

How to load or recharge Airtel airtime via Bank USSD Code

It doesn’t matter what bank in Nigeria you use, if you’re an Airtel Subscriber and you’re like me (who would rather just purchase credit on my phone than walk under hot Lagos Sun to one Malam’s shop), then these bank USSD codes will enable you to perform this action flawlessly.

You don’t need to have an internet connection in order to do this. Just have strong cellular network and you’re golden. Here’s how to load Airtel credit via your bank USSD code:

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(P.S – Except you live under a stone, you’ll probably not find your bank here)

  • For Diamond Bank: Dial *302*amount#
  • For MTN Diamond Y’ello Account: Dial *710*555*phone no*amount*pin#
  • For Access bank: Dial *901* amount#
  • For Stanbic IBTC Bank:  Dial *909*amount#
  • For GTBank: Dial *737*amount#
  • For Eco Bank: Dial *326*amount#
  • For FirstBank: Dial*894*amount#
  • For Fidelity Bank: Dial *770*amount#
  • For FCMB: Dial *389*214*amount#
  • For Sky bank: Dial *389*076*1*amount#
  • For Heritage bank: Dial *322*030*amount#
  • For Jaiz  bank: Dial *389*301*amount#.
  • For keystone Bank: Dial *322*082*amount#
  • For Sterling Bank: Dial *822*amount#
  • For UBA: Dial *389*033*1*amount#
  • For Zenith Bank: Dial *966*amount#
  • For Unity bank: Dial *322*215*amount#

Found yours? Good. Let’s carry on.

Via an ATM

I used to do this a lot back in Caleb University. Now I know I could have easily used a USSD code (my people perish inside long ATM queues for lack of wisdom).

But peradventure you find yourself withdrawing money at an ATM, there’s no need to go back home to purchase credit for your Airtel line with USSD when you can simply use the ATM, right?

So for those who are clueless (like you), here’s how to recharge Airtel airtime via any ATM:

Step 1: Once your ATM card is in the Machine, choose “Airtime Recharge” on the menu.

Step 2: Enter your number as the “recipient number”, enter the amount to top-up and submit.

Step 3: The airtime amount will instantly be credited into your Airtel account balance.

Alternatively, you can go the route of Quickteller on the machine. Instead of going for “Airtime Recharge” on the menu, you go for “Quickteller”.

How to load or recharge Airtel airtime via bank mobile app

This is more like the prequel to loading Airtel credit via USSD. For the internet crazed like us who will rather go online to do this, here’s how to recharge Airtel airtime via bank mobile app:

Simply download your bank’s mobile internet banking app, create an account, login and navigate to the item in their menu that lets you load Airtime.

How to check Airtel card balance: airtel balance code

By now I want to believe you have loaded that card. Good. So what do you do when you want to check your airtime balance? There’s a simple code command for that.

To check your Airtel airtime or credit balance, dial the USSD code *123# and hit the call button.

How to borrow Airtel Airtime or credit

I guess since the opposite (or near opposite 🙄 rather) of buying airtime is to borrow airtime (some of you will say to thief airtime but that’s also allowed 😁), then it’s only fair that this sub topic is fitting.

To find out how to borrow Airtel airtime, read our dedicated post about that here.

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