20 Insanely Funny Names For Your Phone You Need To See.

We found some really funny names for your phone i swear you’ll surely giggle about once you read them.

Just before i thought of writing this post, i had had a quick flash back to a point when i had fallen prey to one of my old schoolmates in University who once named his phone’s Bluetooth “Virus Detected”.

Imagine seeing a popup on your screen saying “Receive file from virus detected”.

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I had been so stricken with panic in that instant that i immediately terminated the Bluetooth connection. It’s a genius prank, trust me. Most of your friends will fall for it, i guarantee you that.

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It may surprise you the degree to which some people in this world are really fucked up in the humor department. And if you think the name “Virus Detected” sounds hilarious, then this list of 20 names will leave you rolling on the floor.

Funny names for your phone

20 Funny names for your phone

So the list we have here is divided into two parts: funny Bluetooth names and funny WIFI names. Here we go:

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Funny Bluetooth names for your phone

#1. Your village people
#2. Your spirit wife/husband
#3. A Terrorist nearby
#4. No Devices Found
#5. Virus Detected!
#6. HIV patient
#7. Remote detonator
#8. VIru$.exe
#9. The devil
$10. Do you accept porn.jpg from Dr Phil?

Funny names for your phone

Funny WIFI names for your phone

#11. Free data bundle
#12. Tellmywifiloveher
#13. Two girls one router
#14. Pretty fly for a WIFI
#15. I have a yeast infection
#16. I Now Declare You Husband and WiFi
#17. Yell penis for password
#18. Who’s touching my bum
#19. Free Porn
#20. Yahoo yahoo boiz

Funny names for your phone

Have you heard or seen any other smart, clever or cool phone names via Bluetooth or WIFI? Tell us in the comments below, lets all have a good laugh!

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