9 Tips & Tricks You Wouldn’t Believe You Could Do On Your iPhone (2023)

Here are 9 hidden iPhone tips and tricks in 2021 most of you wouldn’t believe you could do on your iPhone.

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Although there are a lot of people using iPhones all over the world, you may not have a comprehensive understanding of the iOS system. There are many hidden features, tips and tricks in the IOS system which are practical and interesting.

Today, I would like to share with you some practical features hidden in iPhone which can greatly increase the fun of playing with iPhone.

Tips and Tricks you can do with your iPhone

#1. Close the pop-up window for App Store

When using App Store, a dialog box suddenly pops up and ask you to grade for it?
Sometimes these pop-up window is annoying, but we can turn it off with a simple operation.

Solution: Open Settings > iTunes store and App store > find “Scoring and comments within App”, and turn it off!

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#2. Turn on 3D Touch

9 Tips & Tricks You Wouldn't Believe You Could Do On Your iPhone (2020)

This is a very fun, cool and practical skill for Apple. Before using it, you should first check whether 3D Touch is turned on. Check it by going to Setting > General > Accessibility > Touch > 3Dtouch.

You can also set how much effort you want to use to start 3D Touch according to your own habits.

#4. Use iPhone keyboard as a trackpad


iPhone tips tricks

To use this iPhone tips and tricks in 2020, press hard on the built-in keyboard interface, you can turn the keyboard into a trackpad, it will be more convenient to move the cursor in a large piece of text, and if you press hard again on the trackpad, you can move your fingers to select the text, and press hard three times in a row will select all of them.

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This may take several attempts and exercises, but it definitely helps to edit text more efficiently.

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#5. iMessage special effects

After typing in iMessage, use 3D Touch to press the right-facing arrow (long press) to bring up a variety of special effects options for bubbles and screens.
Select the special effect you want to use and click the arrow facing up on the right again to send a short message with the special effect.

#6. Take a quick screenshot

9 Tips & Tricks You Wouldn't Believe You Could Do On Your iPhone (2020)

We usually press “Home key + boot button” on iPhone to take screenshots. In fact, there is a simpler way to take screenshots:

In Settings > General > accessibility > Auxiliary Touch > Custom Action, set “double Click” to “screen Snapshot”. Next, turn on the auxiliary touch function, and you can tap the “white dot” twice in any interface to take a screenshot.

If you think the white spot obscures the screen, you can also “hide” it in Settings > General > accessibility > Auxiliary Touch > Idle opacity.

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#7. Easier ways to use Spotlight


iPhone tips tricks

Spotlight on the iPhone has many functions, such as searching festivals, converting exchange rates, calculators, etc. You can input the corresponding query in the spotlight search box on the iphone drop-down page,then you will quickly get the results you want, no need to open safari to search for it.

#8. The awesome function of iPhone memo

iPhone memo can be quickly typed with a scan of the words.

Method: First open the phone’s “memo”, there is a “+” at the bottom of the page, click it and then click “scan file”, then the camera will scan the words automatically. No need to type it one by one!

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#9. Use “Guided interview” to prevent others from looking at private photos

Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided interview access > and open “Guided access” and “Accessibility Shortcut Keys”.

Open the photo, find the one you want to show to your friends, press the Home button three times, select guided access, and set the password according to the prompts.

Enter the guided access page, click the “options” in the lower left corner, close the “touch item”, click “finish”, and then click “start” in the upper right corner, so that how to pull the screen will not move.

When you want to show a photo to someone in the future, just open the picture and press the Home button three times to enter the guided access before handing the phone to the other person.

To exit, just press the home key three more times, enter the password, and click “done” in the upper left corner.

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