OBS Not Capturing Game [100% SOLVED]

Are you facing a problem with OBS not capturing game? You are seeing a black screen instead of a game or window. You are not the only one who is facing or has faced this issue.

This article will expose you to the cause and solution to this issue.

What is OBS?

OBS not capturing game

The full meaning of OBS is Open Broadcaster Software. This is a free, open-source software meant for video recording and live streaming.

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Reasons for OBS not capturing game

The problem with OBS is quite common, it can be caused by several reasons depending on your system. Some of the reasons are:

#1. Limited Permissions:

When there are no sufficient permissions, OBS will not be able to capture your game, that’s why a black screen appears instead. In this case, you will have to run OBS Studio as an administrator so that it has all the permissions it requires before your game can be run. This way, the computer will trust OBS, thus, giving it full rights to run properly.

#2. Old Computer:

If your computer is an old one, it may not be able to handle the OBS for capturing games. Your computer must have these basic requirements so it can run OBS. These requirements are – 4GB RAM and above, Core i5 Processor, Compatibility – Windows, Mac, and Linux, GPU – Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA. Check if your computer meets these requirements.

#3. Different Third-Party Software:

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If you have running on your system other third-party recording software installed, there’s a good possibility that they are causing the issue. And to resolve this, that software has to be turned off or removed.

#4. Updated OBS:

OBS has different versions and can be updated anytime. The present version is version 26. Some games are working well with it like Division 2, War Hammer, Minecraft, etc. So it is better to return to the previous version to enable it to work.

#5. Wrong OBS Settings:

Most times people are not aware that their settings are wrong. You have to check your settings if there should be some correction to be made that can resolve the issue.

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How to fix OBS not capturing game

How to Fix OBS game capture Black Screen 2020 (outdated. updated video in description) - YouTube

However, we have seen the possible causes of the OBS issue, let’s look at how to resolve the issue.
How To Fix OBS Not Capturing Game

#1. Start the Game or OBS again:

The first solution to try is restarting the game or OBS. Sometimes when you restart a game or software, it begins to work well. So try restarting the OBS studio or the game you intend to capture first.

#2. Run OBS as Administrator:

When the first step of restarting OBS or the game doesn’t fix the issue, try running OBS as administrator. Maybe the issue is from OBS not having sufficient permissions. To run OBS as an administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Right Click on OBS shortcut, select properties
  2. Then select advanced
  3. Search the box for run as administrator, apply by clicking OK
  4. Click on OK again in the Properties tab to save all changes.

You can use this method or Open the Start Menu, type in the search column – OBS Studio, and right-click on it when shown as the result. There would be a drop-down menu, choose the Run as administrator option. Then click YES, on the User Account Control dialog box that appears.
After using one of these steps try opening your OBS studio or the game it is not capturing to see if it has been resolved.

#3. Run Game in Fullscreen

When you are still trying to run a game but it is not working, try switching to full-screen windowed mode to see if the issue will be resolved. You can do this by going to the display settings of your game.

  1. Open your game, go to the settings
  2. Click on the display settings
  3. Search for the Display Mode option and click on Fullscreen Windowed mode.
  4. Try capturing your game again, the issues will be resolved.

#4. Stop Conflicting Software

If there is another third-party recording software in your system, it may be altering OBS studio from functioning properly, that’s why you have a black screen instead. If this is the case, I will advise you to stop all conflicting software so it works properly. Let’s me to forget to add, that some antivirus software can alter the proper running of OBS, so you will have to stop it temporarily.

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I hope I’ve been able to help you figure out why OBS is not capturing your game and how to fix the problem.

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Additionally, if you have any questions or didn’t fully understand some tips in this guide, drop a comment below and allow the community to help you.

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