MSI Laptop Plugged In Not Charging: How To Easily Fix

Your MSI laptop can be plugged in but not charging. This is a common issue among MSI laptop users. Nevertheless, there are solutions to it.

Sometimes, the laptop will remain at 0% without increasing, it may even be more than 0% but will remain static or start decreasing instead of increasing.

In this case, you may continue using your laptop but it must be plugged in before you can do anything on it.

It is good to note that it is not safe to leave your laptop plugged in when it is not charging. It could lead to your laptop battery becoming degraded or swollen within a short time.

Yes, even when the issue has been resolved, your battery life won’t last long or might become swollen.

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Why MSI Laptop Is Plugged In But Not Charging

MSI Laptop Plugged In Not Charging: Easy Fix

1. Damaged Charger

One of the reasons why your MSI laptop is plugged in but not charging is because of a damaged charger. Your charger is very essential, without it, your laptop can’t charge well and its battery power can’t be boosted.

Try testing another MSI charger on your laptop or using yours on another MSI laptop. This will help you tell if the problem is from your charger. If it’s a case of a faulty charger, then you have to get a new one.

2. Faulty Battery

When your gaming laptop is plugged in but not charging, the issue could be from your battery. There is a chance that you have a damaged battery.

Check if your laptop’s battery is swollen or has any fluid leakage. If it’s an inbuilt battery, use a screwdriver to open up your laptop, so you can check the battery well.

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If the battery is swollen or leaking, then, it is faulty and needs to be replaced to avoid damage to your laptop.

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3. Poor Power Supply

This could be another reason. Without a power source, your MSI laptop can not charge and if your power source is bad, your laptop won’t charge properly.

To know if the problem is from your power supply, check the power outlet like socket or extension. You can test it with other chargers.

If it is faulty, I will advise you to repair it because it will send a low voltage MSI laptop, which will in turn damage your charger and battery over a while.

4. Corrupted Battery Driver

Check if your battery drivers are updated and installed. Drivers play an essential role in your MSI laptop. Your battery drivers need to be installed, for them to function well.

When the battery drivers are corrupted, your laptop won’t charge even if it is plugged in. You will have to uninstall and install battery drivers or update them for your battery to start charging.

How To Resolve The Issue Of MSI Laptop Plugged In Not Charging

Here are a few expert solutions that could potentially fix the issue of your MSI laptop not charging even though it’s plugged in:

#1. Check your Battery, Charger, and Power Source

The reason why your MSI laptop is not charging may be because of a faulty battery, charger, or power source. The first thing to do is to check each one.

Start by checking the power supply like your socket or extension. Plug another charger into it and see if it works well. If it doesn’t, you will need to change it.

Check your MSI battery. You can test it by using another battery on it. You should also try checking if it is leaking any fluid or it is swollen, these are signs that the battery is damaged.

Your charger is not left out. Try testing another MSI charger on your laptop, if it works properly, that means your charger needs to be replaced.

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#2. Reset CMOS to fix MSI laptop plugged in not charging

This is another step, you can take when you want to fix this issue. This will help to drain all energy from your MSI laptop, which should remove all errors on your computer.

Here’s how to reset CMOS battery:

  • Put off your MSI laptop.
  • Remove your charger from your laptop.
  • Open up your laptop.
  • Remove your battery, even if it’s an inbuilt battery.
  • Detach your coin-like CMOS battery.
  • Press down your power button for about 30-50 seconds, then release.
  • Connect your CMOS battery back.
  • Put in your laptop battery.
  • Plug in your charger.
  • Then, put on your laptop.

This should fix the charging issue. If it doesn’t, perform the steps again but do it with your laptop turned on without your CMOS battery. Then, put it off again, it won’t come up well or you might hear a beeping sound. Put in the CMOS battery and put it on again.

#3. Uninstall Drivers

When you uninstall and install your battery drivers, it will help to remove any corrupted driver.

  • Look for Device Manager in windows search.
  • Open Device Manager.
  • Click on Battery to see more options in a drop-down menu.
  • Uninstall every driver under the battery driver. You will need to right-click on the first driver under and choose to uninstall device. Do this for all, if they are more than one.
  • Restart your MSI laptop when done.

#4. Windows Update

Windows update will help you automatically install all the important drivers your MSI laptop needs. This will help to ensure that no driver is corrupt or incompatible.

  • Look for Updates in windows search.
  • Then, click on check for Updates.
  • Choose Update Now.
  • If you can’t find Update Now, select any option related to update, to view, and then update.
  • When you finish updating, restart your computer.

#5. Change Power Plan to fix MSI laptop plugged in not charging

Your MSI laptop has 3 power plans you can switch to:

  • Balanced
  • Power saving
  • High performance

Switching between them can help and also fix your MSI laptop, so, it can charge properly.

  • Right-click on the battery icon shown on your taskbar.
  • Choose windows mobility center.
  • Focus on the category that shows the battery icon.
  • Switch between these modes: balanced, power-saving, and high-performance mode.
  • Ensure you check if your MSI laptop is charging while switching to another mode.

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MSI laptop plugged in not charging: Conclusion

I hope this post was helpful and you have been able to learn how to fix your MSI laptop, in case it has the same issue.

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