HP Laptop Power Button Not Working: How To Fix

Is your HP Laptop power button not working? In this guide I’m going to be showing you the cause of this issue as well as how to solve and fix it so it never happens again.

This article is going to touch on three very vital pillars among other things namely:

  1. The root cause of the issue
  2. The Solution to the issue
  3. The Prevention from the issue

Lets get right to it!

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Where is the power button on an HP laptop?

HP Laptop power button not working

By default, you can find the power button of most HP Laptops on the top left corner of your keyboard.

It is rarely, if ever, located at the side of the Laptop. However, on some models, it can be placed on the top right corner instead.

Why does my HP laptop Start button not work?

To be able to deduce this HP Laptop startup problem and discover the exact reason why your HP Laptop power button isn’t working properly will bring us one step closer to figuring out how to fix it.

So therefore, here are the most common reasons why this is happening to you:

HP Laptop power button not working reason #1: Your battery is low

Have you stopped to think that the reason why your Laptop isn’t switching on is simply because there isn’t any juice left in it?

You might be saying that your HP Laptop won’t turn on even though the charging lights are on or flashes but first thing first is to plug it to a wall outlet and leave it to charge full.

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From this point, we can then troubleshoot and know what’s really going on.

HP Laptop power button not working reason #2: Loosed power button wire

If the wire that connects your power button to your computer’s Motherboard is loose or cut, then whenever you click it, it isn’t going to transmit any signal to the Motherboard.

Although this rarely happens (except maybe a Rat found its way into your Laptop to munch on your wires), depending on the location of your power button, might need to disassemble the machine to find out if this is the root cause.

HP Laptop power button not working reason #3: Power button isn’t sitting well

In reality, every computer keyboard button no matter how large looking really only sits atop an even smaller button that connects it to the Motherboard.

So if the power button isn’t sitting pretty exactly where it’s supposed to sit, then no matter how much you click it, my dear, it ain’t never coming on.

Reason #4: Your RAM is faulty

Unknown to most, your Laptop RAM is a very vital ingredient in determining whether your Laptop boots on or not.

To ascertain if this is the problem, you’d need to take the thing apart to make sure the RAM is sitting pretty and nothing is wrong in that department.

Reason #5: Shutdown error

Are you one of those people who loves to Hibernate or Sleep their PCs instead of switching them totally off?

You’ve probably heard some people tell you that this is very bad but you’ve relished in the habit of ignoring them.

Chances are if you do this very often and for long intervals, this could be the reason why your Laptop isn’t booting up.

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How do I force start my HP Laptop?

Here are a few ways to force start your HP Laptop if you’re having difficulty switching it on:

Solution #1: Troubleshoot your battery

If your battery is faulty (as in dead and gone), then no matter how much you press the power button, it’s not going to work.

There are two ways to find out if this is the case.

Remove your battery and insert it into a similar Laptop and attempt to switch it on. If it comes on, then the battery isn’t the issue.

Alternatively, remove the battery from your Laptop, plug it to charge and attempt to switch it on. If the computer comes on, then the battery is the problem.

Solution #2: Disconnect all external devices

Sometimes, certain external devices can cause a hardware conflict with your HP Laptop.

If this is the cause, to fix is pretty easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Turn off your Laptop
  2. Disconnect all external devices including charger.
  3. Attempt to switch on the system.
  4. If it turns on, the next step is figuring out which of your external devices caused the malfunction.
  5. Now turn off the Laptop again.
  6. One by one, connect each of your external devices to your Computer while attempting to switch it on each time.
  7. Once you realise that subsequent to plugging in a certain device, your Laptop didn’t boot up, then you have identified your culprit!

Solution #3: Hard Reset your Laptop

While this might sound scary to non technical owners, I believe the bulk of you reading this article don’t fall into that classification.

Nevertheless, it isn’t half as scary as it sounds.

This solution usually ends up being the one that solves the problem for most HP users. To hard rest your Laptop, simply do the following to the letter:

  1. Switch off your Laptop
  2. Disconnect all external hardware (like Mouse, USB, charger etc).
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. Press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds.
  5. Plug in the charger to the wall outlet and to the system.
  6. Attempt to switch on the Laptop
  7. Slot in your battery.

The successful completion of these steps should force start your HP Laptop.

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How do I turn on my HP Laptop if the power button doesn’t work?

This method I’m going to show you will test your technical know-how and resolve honestly.

If the power button is the problem, all you’ll need to do is as follows:

  1. Switch off your Laptop (but make sure the battery is fully charged).
  2. Take it apart (disassemble it) using the appropriate screwdrivers.
  3. Inside the disassembled Laptop, look at the Motherboard while looking for the part where the Motherboard and power button connect.
  4. Use a flat mouth screwdriver to touch the first two metal pins on the power button simultaneously.
  5. If your Laptop doesn’t turn on following that, use the flat mouth screwdriver to simultaneously touch the last two pins.
  6. This ought to turn on your HP Laptop on if done correctly.

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HP Laptop power button not working:  Replacement

If all else fails and the only sure route of action to take is to get a button replacement, then we advice you seek out an Authorized HP Service Center near you who will help you in replacing your power button.

Furthermore, if you didn’t have the heart or expertise to crack open your Laptop during the earlier suggestions we gave, please, allow a professional HP technician handle all of it.

HP Laptop power button not working: Conclusions

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