How To Unlock Acer Laptop Keyboard Is Easier Than You Think…

How to unlock keyboard on your Acer Laptop that seems to not be working isn’t as hard as you think.

It doesn’t matter if you have an Acer Aspire 5, Aspire 3, or if your device comes installed with a Windows 10 or 7, the solution is the same across board.

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I’ve been using my Acer Aspire Laptop for the past 2 years and trust me, I’ve had my fair share of fixing my keyboard whenever it’s not working as it should.

As is tradition with all my posts, before we can recommend solutions for how to unlock your Acer Laptop keyboard, we have to first be able to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Why is my Acer Laptop keyboard locked?

How To Unlock Keyboard On Acer Laptop

This is obviously the very first logical question any of you should be asking.

If you don’t know why it happens and you’re only fixated on the solution, you’ll never be able to prevent it from happening and you’ll always have to fix and fix and fix whenever it goes bad again.

The reason why your Acer Laptop keyboard is locked can typically be traced to any of these issues:

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  1. Accidental button press
  2. Keyboard not connected well
  3. Num Lock activated
  4. Dead external keyboard battery
  5. Outdated keyboard driver
  6. Spoilt keyboard

Lets go over them one by one in more detail.

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#1. Accidental button press:

One of the reasons why your Acer keyboard may seem locked could be because you (or someone else who isn’t familiar with how laptops work – say, a child for example) accidentally pressed a combination of keys that triggered a command that inadvertently locked it.

#2. Keyboard not connected well

Every keyboard is connected to the Motherboard of a Laptop.

If the connection is faulty, then your keyboard isn’t going to transmit any signal to the Motherboard that will trigger it to display the specific character you imputed.

#3. Num Lock activated

The Num Lock (otherwise known as the Numeric Lock) button is usually located in the Numeric pad of your Acer Laptop keyboard. This is the button that locks the numeric pad of your keyboard.

So if you have issues with how to unlock the keyboard on your Acer Laptop, it’s possible that you’ve accidentally locked your Numeric pad.

#4. Dead external keyboard battery

Some of these keyboards are Bluetooth enabled and as such are little battery drinkers.

If you’re using an external keyboard for your Acer Laptop that suddenly stops working, it’s possible the battery is dead.

#5. Outdated Acer laptop keyboard driver

Drivers are programs that are installed on your Acer Laptop to help it communicate with any external device you connect to it.

If your keyboard Driver is outdated, it therefore means that your Laptop is going to have a hard time communicating with the Keyboard and thus, it wouldn’t work.

#6. Spoilt keyboard

When all has been said and done, if your keyboard is still not working, then it’s possible the worst has happened.

And by the worst I mean your keyboard is a goner…it’s time to replace it – nothing else can save you.

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How to unlock keyboard on Acer Laptop

Now that we’ve diagnosed the likely pitfalls, let’s delve into how to fix and unlock your Acer Laptop keyboard.

However, note that the solution that will solve your keyboard problems is specific to the cause of the problem.

For example, if you figured out that the problem is your keyboard battery, then updating your Driver doesn’t make sense, does it?

Solution #1: Restart your PC

It might look like a rather trivial solution for a serious matter but restarting your Laptop can clear up a lot of issues, trust me.

Especially if the problem stemmed from an error in a program or your laptop was just frozen, restarting your Acer computer could potentially unlock your keyboard.

Solution #2: Update your keyboard driver

As I mentioned earlier, Drivers are programs that are installed on your Acer Laptop to help it communicate with any external device you connect to it.

If you’ve realised that this is in fact the issue keeping your keyboard from working, then all you need to do is update your Acer keyboard Driver.

For more on how to update your Driver, check out this post from Microsoft.

If updating the Driver doesn’t work, then last resort would be to just uninstall and reinstall the Driver.

Solution #3: Try keyboard on a different Laptop

If you’re using an external keyboard, to know if the problem is really from the keyboard or from your Laptop, try plugging it to a different computer.

If it works, then your Laptop is the culprit here and not the keyboard.

Solution #4: Replace keyboard battery

If you’re using a wireless keyboard, then try replacing the batteries (even if you swear they are new).

Solution #5: Cross check keyboard connection

Whether you’re using an external Bluetooth or wired keyboard, a very likely reason why your keyboard won’t work is if the USB connection to the wired keyboard isn’t sitting well.

Or in the case of a Bluetooth enabled keyboard, you’d have to confirm that the USB dongle is properly seated in the laptop USB port.

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How to lock Acer Laptop keyboard

How To Unlock Acer Laptop Keyboard

So now you know how to unlock your Acer Laptop keyboard. How do you do the reverse, though?

I don’t know why anyone would want to learn how to lock their keyboard. Perhaps to restrict others from accessing your computer (a password already does that).

But hey! If you ask for it, who am I to say no?

Whether you’re on a Windows 10 or 7 or later, this command code ought to work just as well.

To lock your Acer Laptop keyboard, simply press Ctrl+Alt+L and this will disable virtually all keyboard input.

It’s as simple as that.

How To Unlock Acer Laptop Keyboard: Conclusion

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