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Online SEO Training in Nigeria

My name is Richard and I’ve been blogging about tech on this blog for the past 2 and half years. Over this time I’ve learnt, read, been mentored, practiced and perfected SEO to the point where i grew this blog from 0 Search visitors a month to almost 300,000 Search visitors per month in less than 3 years.

Here is a screenshot of my Google Analytics the first month i started this blog in 2018…

9 Organic search visitors

Here is a screenshot now…

286,000 Organic search visits

This could also be your story if you enroll in this course.

How much do SEO Experts make?

Just in case you were wondering how much SEO Experts are paid, according to, those with about one year experience get paid approximately $40,000 a year (N15 million), those with 1 – 4 years are paid about $45,000 a year (N17 million).

Based on these astonishing figures, you can see why a lot of people are scrambling to register for our training to learn Search Engine Optimization. This is our 3rd online class this year and we have already trained more than 200 people this year alone.

Search Engine optimization is a hard skill to master and it takes time to see results, but with the right teacher, you will easily come out a victor and be ranking on page one of Google within the next 3 months or less.

I’m bringing tried, tested and proven, Google approved, White Hat Search Engine Optimization strategies to this course some of which you have never heard of before anywhere else. You can REGISTER NOW using this link.

The following are some of what you will learn in my online SEO training course:

Online SEO Training Course in Nigeria – Curriculum

The online training course is broken down into 4 distinct Modules namely: SEO site Audit, Technical SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.


  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • Google Ranking Factors

SEO Site Audit

  • SEO Audit checklist

Technical SEO Optmization

  • What is Technical SEO?
  • Technical SEO Checklist
  • Setting up Google Search Console
  • Finding and fixing broken links
  • Site and URL structure

On Page SEO Optimization

  • What is On Page SEO?
  • Elements of On Page Optimization
  • About Keywords
  • How to find high volume keywords
  • How to optimize a web page
  • How to configure Yoast SEO Plugin

Off Page SEO Otimization

  • What is Off Page SEO?
  • Types of Backlinks
  • Power distribution of Backlinks (By placement, Anchor text, Authority, Niche & Website type)
  • Where and how to get backlinks (Organic and Paid)
  • Clever ways to get backlinks
  • How to index backlinks (Manually & Automatically)
  • SEO tools and their uses
  • Final notes


Training schedule for the Online SEO Training in Nigeria

The training will hold on a dedicated Whatsapp group. After you register and pay the training fee, you will be sent the training materials via email or Whatsapp to get acquainted with.

Afterwards, your phone numbers will be added to the Whatsapp group for the lesson proper which will commence this month.

On the group, i will be training you in both text and audio formats for optimal learning experience.

Free Benefits when you enroll in our Online SEO Training in Nigeria

Here is all you stand to benefit for free when you take this course:

  • I’ll personally mentor you for one month after the course
  • Money back guarantee if you don’t learn anything that significantly boosts your SEO skills
  • You get a an Internationally recognized certificate
  • I’ll build you free SEO backlinks from 5 high authority website from Domain Authority 40 and above.

Training fee

The cost of our SEO training is N15,000 N5,000 Naira only (limited time offer for first 10 people only).

This discount is only available to the first 10 students who register, after which, the price goes back to N15k. Check around, this is the cheapest online SEO course in Nigeria you will find around.

Don’t waste anymore time. REGISTER NOW and start ranking on the first page of Google!

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