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Richeetech’s Self-Service Sponsored Post feature allows you the client to write, pay and publish your Sponsored post by yourself on and receive it more speedily than ever.

Tips for submission

  1. Sponsored posts are charged at $25 flat fee.
  2. No Adult links.
  3. B*tting, C*sino & G*mbling links are allowed and cost the same price.
  4. Your post will contain permanent dofollow links.
  5. It will not be marked as ‘Sponsored’.
  6. Sponsored post must fit the niche of this blog (i.e – Tech).
  7. Post will be ignored if payment is not made after submitting post.
  8. All Sponsored posts will go live within 24hrs after payment.

How it works

Step #1: Fill the form below with your name, email, headline, sponsored post & post category.

Step #2: Click the “Submit & Pay with PayPal” button to complete your order via PayPal.

Step #3: Once we receive payment, your post will be published to your chosen category within 24hrs or less.

Step #4: You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the live post.

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