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Website traffic (June 2019)

Richeetech was visited by 16,389 people last month who read our stories more than 23,000 times. Out of this 16,000, 89% visited for the first time. This means your ad will be seen by over 16,000 people every month more than 23,000 times and majority of them will be new potential customers.

Visitor country

Richeetech receives the most of its visitors from Nigeria (90%+)

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Visitor age & gender.

The greatest age group that visit us are between ages 25 to 34 with an overwhelming majority being males. This means your ad will reach majorly young, vibrant, tech savvy Nigerian youths.

Visitor Interests

From the list above, our visitor are majorly interested in:

  • Internet, Gadgets, Computer, Phones & Technology
  • Sports/Soccer
  • Arts, Entertainment, music, Celebrities
  • Job search, Education and Colleges

It means if you sell products and services relation to any of the above, there is a ready market eager to buy from you here.

What is your campaign goal?

In other words, what is it you are trying to achieve by advertising?

1. Create awareness & reach people

2. Drive traffic & create backlinks

3. Generate leads & make sales

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