With The Pornhub Wankband, You Can Now Charge Your Phone By Wanking!

If they ever told you wanking or jerking off was a bad thing, the Pornhub Wankband is about to convince you otherwise.

And yes, you read the headline correctly.

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The Largest site of its kind in the world with over 33 billion visits in 2018 alone, Pornhub, is making a device, which you can buy on Mshop by the way, that can help you charge your smartphone by simply doing what you do best – “doing your part…with your part” (Get it? Lol. You and all your dirty minds!)

Pornhub Wankband
Pornhub Wankband

According to the company, the reason for creating the Pornhub Wankband was due to the discovery that when YOU guys spend hours watching videos on their site, apparently,  YOU guys use so much energy (doing what, I wonder).

Well they decided you could put this energy to good use, which could especially come in “handy” (Get it?) for you if you live in a third world country with terrible power supply.

Pornhub Wankband

How the Pornhub Wankband works

The Wankband contains a valve that generates and stores energy via a kinetic charger inside when you move the valve on it up and down while doing your thing.

Of course the amount of power generated might most definitely not be sufficient to charge your smartphone up to 100%, nevertheless, why carry around a powerbank limited by whether or whether you don’t find an electric outlet to recharge it, when you could simple just jerk off?

Pornhub Wankband

Pornhub has succeeded in proving to the world time and time again with their new and innovative tech gadgets like the Virtual Reality Googles and now, the Wankband, that they’ve transcended into more of a hybrid tech company.

Unfortunately, the Wankband is still in beta testing models I write and the company is looking for beta testers. If you want to ‘surrender your member’ to try it out for yourself, go register here.

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Pornhub Wankband

Go make some guilt free, ‘dirty energy’. The power is literally ‘in your hand’!

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